You have inspired me and so much of my life, from a love of the out doors to falconry.

You are an amazing person, I see you inspiring so many people each day, and it's amazing!

Merry Christmas Ben! I love you


I still marvel over the fact that somehow, 7 years after first meeting you, I am now one of your apprentices. The fact that I, a 15 year old girl and aspiring falconer from New Jersey, ended up at one of your falconry presentations in Lehi - and you had the kindness and foresight to give me a copy of your book, signed with "Good luck in your falconry adventures!" - and inspire more desire to be a falconer - it's just an unbelievable series of events. And I am forever grateful that 7 years later, through another string of incredible events, (thanks Meghan!) was able to have the honor of being able to call you one of my closest friends and my sponsor - I'm just speechless. Usually I'm good with words (being an English teacher and all!) but what happened to make my dreams possible just leaves me wordless.

I have no idea where I would be without you and your kindness, your good character, advice, and love. You never fail to make me laugh and I'm so grateful that you have the foresight to advise me where it is needed. The discussions and conversations we have help me view this world in a different light, and you have introduced me to so many new faces and friends - both avian and human! Nearly all of my favorite memories from this year have to do with sitting around a campfire, eating your stir fry, and sharing stories and memories and listening to legends. I have felt so much love from the Tribal Ways group you've set up, and I, honestly, would not be the person I am today. Thank you for creating such an atmosphere of love and camaraderie - I'm excited for many more years of fire, laughing, winter, memories, snow, summer, birds and of course - love and friends.


Thanks for all the times you've shown me and my family what it's like to live life as a mentor and friend.
You've taught us all so many different things, from how an atlatl flys to the way an eagle soars, or when to know a hawk is about to poop on you. All very useful information.
When I was younger I always loved being out in nature and working with animals. I never saw it as a way of life though, that it could actually be a part of my life. I've watched you work with both of my brothers, I've seen them come home after helping at a bird show, excited and wanting to go study for their falconry test, learning and growing because it was all fascinating and because they wanted to be like Ben Woodruff! And I was always there right behind them following in their footsteps. I know that I can be quite and held back but I've always listened to you and learned from you, you've helped me see that I can live life the way that I want, you've shown me how to be a good friend and a good mentor, you've impacted my life and my family's life more than you know. and I don't know if you realize it but you're practically a celebrity in my family, thanks for teaching me, I've loved learning from you.
Thanks for everything! I hope you have a merry Christmas!
Lucy Larsen or Santa Maria


Ben is the kind of person that makes a strong impression. I'm awed and intrigued by his vast creativity and knowledge of what seems like never ending subjects. But the best part is his desire to share that creativity and knowledge with others. He's a very empathetic person who you can tell cares deeply for his friends. He is very good at creating events and spaces for other to experience new ideas and traditions, and in those welcoming spaces he allows others to broaden their life. Ben is a wonderful writer who eloquently shares his ideas and thoughts with others. He is the kind of person that you don't meet that often, but are always glad you did.
Kari Van Wagner


Ben has such a wealth of knowledge and talents that he so freely shares with us. It is always such a thrill watching a bird presentation, being part of a museum night, or hearing an ancient tale as we sit around a blazing bonfire. He brings the past to life. A true leader of his tribe.
I am always in awe of how passionate he is about life and learning. He is truly one of a kind. -Janae